Leneva Injection for Painful Corns, Calluses, and Fat Pad Restoration

Ankle and Foot Specialists offers a noninvasive way to treat foot pain caused by a recurring callus, pain in the ball of the foot or heel and even ulcerations due to loss of fat padding. As we age, the fat pad to our feet shifts due to hammertoe and bunion deformity or repeated steroid injections for plantar fasciitis. The fat pad thins down, causing increased pressure points and pain with every step we take.

Leneva is an allograft adipose matrix derived from donated human tissue used for tissue reconstruction. This is a safe and clinically proven solution to help with foot pain without steroid injections or surgery. Leneva is also FDA approved.

How can I treat corns and calluses at home?

Unless the cause of the corn and callus is addressed, they will not go away and often grow back. Home care includes gentle exfoliation using a pumice stone regularly. Using a razor or cuticle scissors is risky and can cause an infection. Do not use any over the counter medicated products with salicylic acid without consulting a podiatrist. Using these products without supervision can make the issue worse.

What other treatments are available?

The goal in treating the corn or callus is to reduce the pressure causing it. Choosing wider appropriately sized shoes, prescribed skin softeners with urea or lactic acid, regular foot care, felt pads, gel inserts and custom orthotics are usually the first line of treatment. Recent advancement in medicine has made many foot fillers, including fat allograft (Leneva), as a nonsurgical option injection therapy for pain relief. Lastly, surgery may be considered in severe cases.

Ankle and Foot Specialists offers the most advanced treatments for painful corns and calluses using restorative therapies with little to no down time needed.