Custom Orthotics in  Marion, OH During activity, your arch goes up and down to absorb shock and help your foot function. As we age, wear and tear begins and the arch begins to collapse. This can cause a variety of conditions and problems including plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, foot pain, and even disability. Custom orthotics can be prescribed by your doctor as a treatment method to prevent these issues and help relieve foot or ankle pain and restore normal function of the foot.

How they Work

Orthotics are similar to eyeglasses in that they provide support and stabilization to your foot to aid in relieving pain. Everyday you stress and strain your foot during gait. Orthotics help restore proper function of the foot to make it more mechanically efficient and regain alignment to help improve and prevent foot conditions. Even people experiencing minimal foot discomfort without a significant foot deformity can find relief in custom orthotics.

What’s The Process

Orthotics are made custom to your foot size and type. They are molded to exactly the contours of your foot for a perfect fit and feel. As a result, they are comfortable, unique, and easy to care for. All of our orthotics are made by a physical impression of your foot to ensure accuracy and expedite handling to provide prompt service.

Orthotics & Insurance

Insurance companies can cover the cost of orthotics. Our team will obtain insurance authorization and help with claims and processing for you.

Upon receiving your orthotics, our Doctors will provide necessary wearing instruction and schedule a follow-up appointment to evaluate your treatment progress.